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The Academy Is Moving To Exeter

April 2, 2020 by archilime-academy

When we launched our Academy, we had the vision of making Sketchup skills available to the many, not just the few. Because we believe that many types of business benefit from having basic 3D modelling capabilities in-house.

From initial concepts of complete development schemes, right through to visualisation of ideas for bespoke furniture creations, 3D modelling helps to bring ideas to life. Of course, we’re happy to do modelling for our clients, but sometimes the flexibility and economy of doing it in-house makes it far more appealing to do so, especially in the early stages of a project.

Since its foundation, we’ve provided plenty of training sessions, but our location has made it difficult for some to attend. So, we made a big decision.

We’re moving the Academy to a brilliantly accessible location in Exeter.

 The Academy still boasts the core benefit of training by practitioners, to practitioners. Training that is not just abstract theory but the sharing of practical experience and real-life know-how. It’s also a perfect way to network with other professionals within your field.

And now it’s viable for many more to attend the course.

We’ll be sharing more on the new opening, but in the meantime, contact us to find out about our upcoming sessions and the dates for the first ones being run in the new location.

For jsut £480.00 +VAT you could book yourself a seat on our ‘Access into SketchUp’. For multiple bookings of 4 seats or over, contact our studio to  qualify for up to a 20% group discount.

Call our studio on 01364 643 241 for more details.