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Start getting more value from 3D design


Integrate expert training in V-Ray for SketchUp with your existing workflows

If you’ve been wanting your 3D design skills and processes to deliver more value for your business or your career, our expert training in V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass could be just what you’re looking for.

These tools can help interior designers create lighting or materials studies or explore 3D furniture layouts. They can help landscape architects visualise planting schemes or create accurate topographical 3D models. Our training in V-Ray for SketchUp can help set designers create immersive sets in 3D and realistic concept images that tell your story.

And that’s far from all. As 3D artists ourselves, we know that there are always new techniques to learn and existing processes that can be streamlined. But we also know that better 3D output can do a lot for you and your business. Especially if the way you improve those skills is designed to fit in around and support your existing workflows.

Expert training in V-Ray for SketchUp to improve your knowledge of 3D design.

Get training from V-Ray certified instructors

Archilime Academy is the first authorised V-Ray training centre in the UK. You or the designers, architects, and artists on your team will be learning from multiple industry award-winners with extensive experience.

We’re the people who produce visualisation that V-Ray developers Chaos use to market the software itself, so we really do know what we’re talking about.

The learning process is just like that which all of our artists go through when they join Archilime. We’ve tried to make it just as supportive, positive, and open for you and your team, with multiple ways to ask questions, receive feedback, and track your progress so far.  

Deliver real-world projects while you learn

This isn’t the sort of training where you or your team member needs a lot of time off. Instead of distracting from your daily work, our expert training in V-Ray for SketchUp is designed to fit in around and support your ongoing projects, be it designing a building in 3D, better visualising your latest set, or delivering a Land and Visual Impact Application in a much more persuasive way.

Your team can continue with real-world projects while they study. In fact, they’ll do so with their course mentor – as well as the very engaged wider Archilime Academy community – on-hand to talk everything through with.

The masterclass takes place over 12 weeks, with a half-day webinar per week and ongoing course material, empowering you or your team to slot it into existing workflows. This makes it an easy way to invest in yourself and your team and grow your offering without interrupting your day-to-day.


Rapidly improve your studio’s CGI output 

3D design or CGIs might not be your main sell. But mastering the use of incredibly powerful tools like V-Ray for SketchUp adds a huge amount of value to your business processes or your personal skillset.

From visualising plans and conceptual ideas more easily to maximising the value of your deliverables to selling high-quality 3D images for profit, our V-Ray certified artists will help you start leveraging everything high-quality CGI can do for you.

Our V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass finesses your existing talents, enables better conceptualisation of projects and processes, and helps you draw attention to the quality you already deliver. All while being smoothly integrated with and even supporting the projects you are currently engaged in.

What do you want to get from your V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass?

Contact us directly to talk through your aims for your course with one of our friendly experts.