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Photoshop | A Post-Production Workshop

£240.00 (excl. VAT)

Learn how to add that magical touch to your renders! Take a guided tour through the post-production process as you experience masking, layering and different ways of blending images together. Spend 3 hours with us as we show you how to apply last-minute material changes, layer emotive overlays to specific areas of your image and prepare your work for final export using Adobe Photoshop. Sessions can be booked on-request.

Product Description

Material edits. Tonal changes. Emotion… Three irrevocable factors upon which your imagery is judged.

Post-Production is your last opportunity to make edits before you showcase your work, and in this bite-size, 3-hour online course, we run over the entire workflow on a historic project of ours.

Adjustments are added and masking is de-mystified in Adobe Photoshop; our software-of-choice, as we look to layer imagery and enhancements to our final images.

Alongside a courtesy screen recording of your course, all materials used are yours to keep and included free-of-charge, as you develop your skill set in Adobe Photoshop,


Introducing Masking

  • How should we arrange our files?
  • Let’s mask in a new sky…
  • How do we add brushes to our interface?

Layering images

  • What’s the process for layering images over the top?
  • Let’s explore different ways to blend our images together
  • How do we make material-specific edits?

Finishing Touches

  • What can we do to make ‘global’ adjustments to the image?
  • How do we add some emotion?
  • What to consider when exporting final images…
Important ‘you should know’s’

These webinar sessions are made up of 3-hours worth of training. We will be sure to contact you directly and discuss your course in advance so please remember to add a contact email and number in the purchase process. Sessions can be booked on-request – feel free to contact us at our studio using our contact form.



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