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Photoshop | A Post-Production Workshop


£150.00 (excl. VAT)

Learn how to add that magical touch to your renders! Take a guided tour through the post-production process as you experience masking, layering and different ways of blending images together. Spend 3 hours with us as we show you how to apply last-minute material changes, layer emotive overlays to specific areas of your image and prepare your work for final export using Adobe Photoshop.


Product Description

Material edits. Tonal changes. Emotion… Three irrevocable factors upon which your imagery is judged.

Post-Production is your last opportunity to make edits before you showcase your work, and in this bite-size, 3-hour online course, we run over the entire workflow on a historic project of ours.

Adjustments are added and masking is de-mystified in Adobe Photoshop; our software-of-choice, as we look to layer imagery and enhancements to our final images.

Alongside a courtesy screen recording of your course, all materials used are yours to keep and included free-of-charge, as you develop your skill set in Adobe Photoshop,


Introducing Masking

  • How should we arrange our files?
  • Let’s mask in a new sky…
  • How do we add brushes to our interface?

Layering images

  • What’s the process for layering images over the top?
  • Let’s explore different ways to blend our images together
  • How do we make material-specific edits?

Finishing Touches

  • What can we do to make ‘global’ adjustments to the image?
  • How do we add some emotion?
  • What to consider when exporting final images…
Important ‘you should know’s’

These webinar sessions are made up of 3-hours worth of training. We will be sure to contact you directly and discuss your course in advance so please remember to add a contact email and number in the purchase process. We require a minimum of 2 people sitting this course and reserve the right to move your seat onto the next available date if our minimum requirement is not met. For cancellation advice, please see our FAQ section.


Additional Information

Course Date

4 May 2-5pm, 18 May 2-5pm, 1 June 2-5pm, 15 June 2-5pm, 6 July 2-5pm, 20 July 2-5pm, 3 August 2-5pm, 17 August 2-5pm, 31 August 2-5pm, 14 September 2-5pm, 28 September 2-5pm, 12 October 2-5pm, 26 October 2-5pm, 9 November 2-5pm, 23 November 2-5pm


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