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SketchUp courses are growing in popularity as regardless of your desired final output; having the know-how to create high-quality, future-proofed 3D models is becoming ever more important.

Our Access into SketchUp course gives you the tools to get started and some pro tips on how to advance your skill set. Learn to navigate the workspace, build your designs and add detail to your work. Consider this your gateway into the world of 3D, using the world’s most popular 3D modelling software; SketchUp.

This 12-hour SketchUp course is split over three days and runs over Zoom. All sessions are screen recorded and shared with you after the course to continue your development at your own pace. 

Please note; start times are typically specified as 13:00 (UK local time) unless stated otherwise. Please get in touch with us using the chat box or email us at for more information on start times in other time zones or for private group sessions. We require a minimum of 4x delegates for the course to take place. If this is not met, we reserve the right to move the booking to the next course.

Product Description


Why take a SketchUp course?

This Access into SketchUp course is for anyone wanting to develop their digital design skills and create accurate 2D images and 3D models to visualise any exterior or interior space. SketchUp is known across the world for its usability. If you are ever in a position where you need a fast, effective method to present your 3D ideas, SketchUp is the answer.

Creating 3D drawings quickly and easily is a valuable skill in any design practice and can significantly enhance your professional communication and presentation whilst using SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp’s versatility means that it is suitable for designers from all backgrounds; our students include people working in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, the built environment, Film, Craftspeople and Hobbyists.

You could be a returning user looking to freshen up your workflow with a SketchUp course, or a complete novice; this three-day course will give you the tools and know-how to effectively visualise your designs in the realm of 3D, regardless of the industry within which you practice.



Topics Covered
  • The Essentials | Welcome to SketchUp. Here we go over the primary navigating, drawing and manipulation tools.
  • Selections & the Workspace | Here we delve deeper into building an understanding of the workspace and building good habits. Special focus to be paid on efficiently making selections and picking up the pace of our modelling.
  • Groups, components & arrays | The act of arraying groups and components is an essential part of your SketchUp workflow as spaces become more and more complex.
  • Organised techniques | How to benefit from tags, advanced navigation techniques and scenes.
  • Advancing your model | Here we cover advanced modelling and texturing techniques to create complex topographic meshes.
  • Interpretation & application of information | Being able to model to specification is any SketchUp modeller’s bread-and-butter.
  • Bringing everything together | With an effective modelling workflow now in-place; we explore the means to import 3D models from elsewhere and populate our model space.
  • Final checks | Using Archilime’s tried-and-tested optimisation approach, we now look to ready your files for the export stage.
  • Showing off your model | Now that you have a finalised SketchUp model, being able to effectively communicate your designs using powerful and punchy exports is a crucial facet to your workflow.



Key Takeaways
  • Screen recordings from each session, included within the cost of the course.
  • A highly-practical training guide for SketchUp.
  • 30-days aftercare. We encourage every delegate to get in touch with questions that arise immediately after the course to give you as much confidence as possible moving forwards.
  • Once delegates have completed this course, they then qualify to attend our Access into V-Ray for SketchUp course!

SketchUp Course | Working on 3D topography is covered on our Access into SketchUp course.

For cancellation advice, please see our FAQ section. For non-UK residents, please get in touch to discuss international transfers before purchasing.

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Course Date

15th – 17th Feb 2023, 16th – 18th May 2023, 18th – 20th Apr 2023, 22nd – 24th Mar 2023



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