Three month, indepth online, live V-Ray for Sketchup training course

The Archilime Academy brings to you a 12-week live course consisting of ten in-depth course modules and recorded sessions. A live webinar-based V-Ray for Sketchup training Masterclass that will slot into any current workflow you may have.


Archilime Academy Masterclass

This isn’t the sort of V-Ray for Sketchup training where you or your team member needs a lot of time off. Instead of distracting from your daily work, our V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass is designed to fit in around and support your ongoing creative projects, be it designing an architectural structure in 3D, better visualising your latest set design, delivering a Land and Visual Impact Application or offering a series of conceptual design options as an interior designer, it could all be done in a much more persuasive way.

Your team can continue with real-world projects while they study. In fact, they’ll do so with their course mentor – as well as the very engaged wider Archilime Academy community – on-hand to talk everything through with.

The masterclass takes place over 12 weeks, with a half-day webinar per week and ongoing course material, empowering you or your team to slot it into existing workflows. This makes it an easy way to invest in yourself and your team and grow your offering without interrupting your day-to-day.

Value of our masterclass

Rapidly improve your studio’s CGI output

3D design or architectural visualisation might not be your main sell. But mastering the use of incredibly powerful tools like V-Ray for SketchUp adds a huge amount of value to your business processes or your personal skillset.

From visualising plans and conceptual ideas more easily to maximising the value of your deliverables to selling high-quality 3D images for profit, our V-Ray certified artists will help you start leveraging everything high-quality CGI can do for you.

Our V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass finesses your existing talents, enables better conceptualisation of projects and processes, and helps you draw attention to the quality you already deliver. All while being smoothly integrated with and even supporting the projects you are currently engaged in.

Archilime Academy Masterclass

Integrate expert training in V-Ray for SketchUp with your existing workflows

If you’ve been wanting your 3D design skills and design processes to deliver more value for your business or your career, our V-Ray for SketchUp Masterclass could be just what you’re looking for.

These tools can help Interior Designers create lighting or materials studies or explore 3D furniture layouts. They can help landscape architects visualise planting schemes or create accurate topographical 3D models. They can help Set Designers create immersive sets in 3D and realistic concept images that tell your story whilst being able to offer Interior Designers the flexibility of showcasing various concept ideas.

And that’s far from all. As 3D artists ourselves, we know that there are always new techniques to learn and existing processes that can be streamlined. But we also know that better 3D output can do a lot for you and your business. Especially if the way you improve those skills is designed to fit in around and support your existing workflows.

Why our Masterclass?

What are the key takeaways from signing up to the V-Ray for Sketchup Masterclass?

– Reputation and industry experience directly from Archilime Visualisation – an award-winning digital marketing agency in the UK
– 12x structured public face-to-face webinars, once a week
– Qualitative assessments after each module per week to allow for feedback
– V-Ray certification directly from CHAOS as an Authorised Training Centre
– Access to a live and engaged community of Archilime Academy delegates for life
– Consistent workflow for scalability within any creative business

Our vision and mission

Teaching the world-builders of tomorrow

Add value to your business, reassure your customers, or boost your own skill set with a V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass in visualisation from personable and passionate leaders in the field.

As the first company in the UK to become an authorised V-Ray for SketchUp training centre for key industry software developer Chaos – and the people they turn to when they want to create scenes to market their own products – our collective of artists are ideally placed to help you finesse your visualisation skills.

Get trained by a V-Ray certified instructor. Invest in yourself or your team and their capabilities. Fit the weekly half-day live sessions of your V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass into your team’s training and development plan and the offline sessions in around even the busiest schedule.

We do this for a living. Now we’ve made it our mission to help you make visualisation a bigger, more effective part of yours.

Our vision and mission

Helping you expand the value your studio gets from 3D design

Our vision is to make it easier for studios of architects, interior designers, set designers, and landscape designers as well as all kinds of individual professionals to swiftly improve the quality of the visualisations they create and use throughout their design processes.

Delivering architectural visualisation might not be the main focus of your business or career. Yet knowing how to produce better 3D output helps you:

– Produce conceptual ideas quickly
– Maximise value of existing deliverables and clearly demonstrate design scope
– Upskill and invest in yourself or your team
– Illustrate and combine with 3D programs you already use
– Sell high-quality 3D images for profit

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