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Archilime Academy: Still On-board with Online Learning

August 10, 2020 by archilime-academy

Good news – Archilime’s online learning option is here to stay! We know that many of you have really enjoyed, and hugely benefited from, online training at the Academy. We want to reassure you that we are in no hurry to withdraw the courses, as these Zoom classes offer many (perhaps unexpected) advantages. Face-to-face training and in-house training has always been central to the Archilime Academy, and we were initially hesitant to move away from this. We love the camaraderie and rapport that we build in our small groups and doubted that this could be replicated over Zoom – how wrong we were!

Zoom Advantages

We will still be offering the all-important 1-1 training if clients need it, and of course those private business to business coaching courses, but we will certainly have an online presence for the foreseeable future. We think that Zoom rocks, with its interactive features, including being able to annotate each other’s screens and share displays; we’ve found it to be a great way of learning. This makes the impossible possible in the realm of classroom learning, with features that actually hold the advantage over face-to-face group training. The main bonus of Zoom training though, is of course its convenience and the fact that you can participate from the comfort of your own home. This saves on time and costs of travel, in addition to any possible overnight accommodation costs.

A Win-Win Situation!

Many of our delegates were equally pleasantly surprised by how effective it is as a learning tool. A recent delegate, James, said, “you don’t have to go home and try and transition what you’ve learnt on to your own computer because you’ve already been using it for 4 hours so it seamlessly sets you in motion”. The fact that it is pre-recorded is also really useful, and delegates have told us they’ve gone back over the lessons in their own time, which of course you can’t do from in-house training. With the Zoom training also being 25% less expensive than face-to-face courses, we think it wins hands down in these current times that hold certain restrictions for us all, both in terms of finances and logistics.  

Chaos Collaboration

Delivering webinars is another new and exciting development for us. Currently in collaboration with Chaos Group, we are in the pretty cool situation of testing the new V-Ray 5 for Sketchup, which is the newest version not yet released: we knew there were some perks to this job! Watch this space as we explore and test other software to present to you in the near future via webinar.

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