Shaped from the heart of Archilime Visualisation,
we give you the Archilime Academy


The Archilime Academy

For years, we have been asked for tips on how to create detailed, organised 3D models, and photo-realistic CGIs and animation for architects, interior designers, landscape designers, developers and craftspeople.

As a creative team of driven individuals, constantly learning and striving to improve the quality of our work on the journey to the forefront of our industry, we were only too happy to help where we could in offering the highest quality SketchUp courses around.

We decided to open the Archilime Academy, which aims to mirror the pathway that our very own incredible CG artists take when they join Archilime Visualisation and enter the world of SketchUp training! Besides the online high-end courses and bespoke coaching sessions we offer all year round, we encourage our delegates to take us up on the offer of After-Care that comes with any ordered SketchUp, V-Ray or Photoshop course, so that we can guarantee that our delegates receive the highest possible quality care and assistance from day one. We believe this to be a journey of learning which we can offer support over the years ahead.

As expert CG artists ourselves, we are all-too-aware that there are always new techniques to learn and existing processes that can be streamlined so we are constantly releasing new courses on a multitude of design-based pieces of software like SketchUp, Layout, V-Ray & Photoshop, on multiple operating systems, to ensure that our delegates truly have the ability to do their designs justice, the Archilime way.

In November 2020, we became a V-Ray authorised training centre (the first in the UK!) from Chaos Group, so we are expertly placed to train others, so you too can benefit from what V-Ray and SketchUp Pro has to offer.

We are passionate about what we do – a collective of artists working together to achieve amazing results. We want to share it with you.

Join our community.

SketchUp Plugins, Artisan is our go-to tool to mould terrain.

A bit about us

Not only do we host fun and friendly high-quality in-house courses but we also provide ‘on the road’ learning too.

Online courses

Wherever you are in the world, the online courses are accessible to you. Whether in a group session, or one-to-one, our trainers provide English-speaking 3D work-flow training.

Live Webinars

We host webinars featuring experts in your industry – follow us on social media to stay informed!
Live demonstrations and Q&As.


Be a part of the 3D community, 1-1 aftercare with all courses so that you can make the most of your session.


The Management Team

Jack Dicker

Managing Director

Managing growth is one of Jack’s many specialities, Archilime Visualisations stands testament to that; and now he lays the foundations of the Archilime Academy by using his expertise in the fields of Business Development, Marketing and Account Management, to better facilitate the production and creation of cutting-edge training courses.

Dan Stone

Head of Operations

Dan is quite simply the mastermind behind all the course structure and content design. The organ grinder to all the learning that is actively happening here at the Archilime Academy and the Archilime Visualisation HQ. His vast experience coming directly from Archilime Visualisations as head of Operations has meant that he has coached a creative team for many years ensuring that Archilime’s artists are fluent in the art of 3D production. If there are courses to be developed, Dan is the man to do that in the most fluid and understandable way possible.

Lucy Mason

Client Relations Manager

The ability to generate, form and secure solid long-last relationships is what Lucy does best. Lucy serves as a liaison for the Academy’s delegates and company clients, whilst developing relationships, providing guidance and support and ensuring all the needs of the delegates are being met. Lucy facilitates the relationships with our fabulous clients as they progress through the journey of the Archilime Academy.

An Academy Breakdown

Finer Details

Within one single image, we can offer many types of courses that will be designed to cover every aspect of the process. Whether you choose to do our masterclass or take these stages individually throughout the year as a valued Archilime Academy delegate is completely up to you.