About the Archilime Academy

It’s our mission to teach the art of visualisation through the mediums of SketchUp and V-Ray. It’s our vision for that learning process to be open, transparent, positive, patient, and fully supported.


Our Vision and Misison

Teaching the world-builders of tomorrow

Add value to your business, reassure your customers, or boost your own skill set with V-Ray for SketchUp online training in visualisation, from personable and passionate leaders in the field.

As the first company in the UK to become an authorised V-Ray for SketchUp training centre for key industry software developer CHAOS, our collective of CG artists and certified trainers are ideally placed to help you finesse your visualisation skills.

Get trained by a V-Ray certified instructor. Invest in yourself or your team and their capabilities. Fit the live sessions of your V-Ray for SketchUp course into your team’s training and development plan and the offline sessions in around even the busiest schedule.

We do this for a living. Now we’ve made it our mission to help you make visualisation a bigger, more effective part of yours.


Course highlgihts

Our vision is to make it easier for studios of architects, interior designers, set designers, and landscape designers as well as all kinds of individual professionals to swiftly improve the quality of the visualisations they create and use throughout their design processes.

Online courses

Wherever you are in the world, the online courses are accessible to you. Whether in a group session, or one-to-one, our trainers provide English-speaking 3D work-flow training.

Live Webinars

We host webinars featuring experts in your industry – follow us on social media to stay informed!
Live demonstrations and Q&As.


Be a part of our 3D community, 1-1 aftercare with all courses so that you can make the most of your session and be involved with like-minded people and become an Archilime Academy delegate.

Authorised V-Ray for Sketchup training centre

Get training from V-Ray certified instructors

Archilime Academy is the first authorised V-Ray training centre in the UK. You or the designers, architects, and artists on your team will be learning from multiple industry award-winners with extensive experience.

We’re the people who produce visualisation that V-Ray developers Chaos use to market the software itself, so we really do know what we’re talking about.

The learning process is just like that which all of our artists go through when they join Archilime. We’ve tried to make it just as supportive, positive, and open for you and your team, with multiple ways to ask questions, receive feedback, and track your progress so far.

Learn from leaders in your field

The Archilime Academy is brought to you by Archilime Visualisations. Multiple award winners in the field, Archilime has extensive industry experience and a reputation for meticulous quality and visual integrity.

We bring the same approach to teaching others the skills we’ve gained. But we bring plenty of patience and positivity to the process too. This is a mirror of the path our artists take when they join Archilime, so we want it to be equally friendly and supportive.

You or your team will have public face-to-face webinars for Q&A along with plenty of allowance for private check-in sessions and a high level of interaction with your trainer for any course you choose.

Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll have access to the live and engaged community of Archilime Academy delegates for life. So you can keep that support dialled-in over the years ahead.

Deliver real-world projects while you learn

This isn’t the sort of training where you or your team member needs a lot of time off. Instead of distracting from your daily work, our V-Ray for SketchUp courses are designed to fit in around and support your ongoing projects, be it designing a building in 3D, better visualising your latest interior design, or delivering a Land and Visual Impact Application in a much more persuasive way.

Your team can continue with real-world projects while they study. In fact, they’ll do so with their course mentor – as well as the very engaged wider Archilime Academy community – on-hand to talk everything through with.

As well as our shorter courses, the masterclass that is soon to be launched takes place over 12 weeks, with a half-day webinar per week and ongoing course material, empowering you or your team to slot it into existing workflows. This makes it an easy way to invest in yourself and your team and grow your offering without interrupting your day-to-day.

What’s Included with our courses?

Once you become a delegate of the Archilime Academy, you will get:

Welcome Pack

Once enrolled on our courses you will get a welcome pack with plenty of information about both the Archilime Academy and Archilime Visualisation.

Digital Manual

A digital manual will be issued out that covers every step of the course so you can then take this back and study this in your own time.

10% Software Discount

Once a delegate of the Archilime Academy, you will then be entitled to a 10% discount from CADsoft Solutions Ltd for any shopping cart you create with our partners.

30-day Aftercare Support

Our aftercare support is something we are very proud of. Once you leave the course you will be entitled to 30-days aftercare support directly from your trainer. Whether phone, email or ZOOM calling we will ensure your questions are answered clearly and concisely as possible.

Our Masterclass is fast approaching

Add value to your business, reassure your customers, or boost your own skill set with a V-Ray for SketchUp masterclass in visualisation from personable and passionate leaders in the field.


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